Saturday, May 4, 2013

spaghetti with sundried tomato & roasted jalepeno pesto

For this week's movie night, we watched Hanna. I don't want to say much about the film's plot because I prefer to know as little as possible going in myself. But I will say, it's an action film which centers around a 16 year old girl played beautifully by Saoirse Ronan. The cinematography is amazing and the story, refreshingly unusual. It has a pg-13 rating for a fair amount of violence and I wouldn't recommend this for really young kids but Brett and I had seen it before, so we knew what was involved.

I saw a sundried tomato pesto on the blog My New Roots and it looked really delicious. But I wanted to make mine spicy, so I added roasted jalepeno. Sweet and spicy and slightly smokey. You can control how hot this is by how much of the pepper you use. I added about half and garnished with some extra minced pieces; it was plenty.

1 lb spaghetti or other pasta
1 cup sundried tomatoes soaked in boiling water for 20-25 minutes
1 jalepeno, roasted in a dry pan or over a flame, then deseeded and chopped
1 cup cilantro
a few basil leaves
1/3 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1 small garlic clove
1/2 tsp salt
1 TB lemon juice plus extra for the pasta
1/2 cup olive oil

2 TB earth balance

After the tomatoes have softened, drain and reserve about a teaspoon of the water. In a cuisinart, pulse the garlic until chopped and then add the tomatoes and water and process. When the tomatoes and garlic have cooled a bit, add the rest of the ingredients, except for the olive oil.  Process until everything is really chopped up, then drizzle in the olive oil while the machine is going and process until smooth.

Cook the pasta al dente, drain and reserve about half a cup of water. Return to the pot with the water and season with salt and pepper, a few tablespoons of lemon juice and the vegan butter. Divide the pasta among plates and spoon the sundried tomato pesto on top.
Serve with a simple arugula salad.

The left overs on crostini made for a beautiful vitamin enriched, antioxidant filled snack.
On her website, Sarah Britton uses her pesto on a tempeh sandwich, which I know would be delicious.

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