Saturday, April 6, 2013

an adventure for magic

A few days ago we drove to Daytona to check out this magic shop.  They have been open for over 40 years and have just about everything an aspiring magician needs. They make 5000 of the things they sell themselves, having a workshop in the back. You can tell the employes love what they do; they enthusiastically showed the girls, and other customers, many magic tricks.

Coincidentally, there is a restaurant a few doors down called Dancing Avocado, which is very vegan friendly. I figured anything with avocado in the title couldn't be all bad. They had something for everybody. Most of the time the veggie burgers I see out there aren't vegan, so when I found out this one was, I had to try it. It was made with lentils, mushrooms, other veggies and a spice mixture that included fennel which gave it an earthy undertone. The waitress wouldn't tell me what other spices they used, claiming it was a secret. While it was real pretty, the photo I took didn't do it justice so I'm leaving it out.  It came topped with sprouted lentils, tomato, and avocado, and a side of soup! I Way too much food, especially after our appetizer of 'taters' we got, which are basically deep fried extra large french fries.

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