Wednesday, March 27, 2013

back to nature wildlife refuge

We are having such a fun Spring Break! Usually we go to the beach, but this year we stayed in town. While we really miss seeing Tammy and mom, we are finding all kinds of interesting things to do locally. Yesterday we visited an animal sanctuary called Back To Nature with some friends. They have all kinds of animals, from raccoons and tortoises, to a cougar, and a fox. At places like these, there is always an animal that just gets your heart and here, for me, it was the fallow deer. He was found in a barn, and I'm not sure how his life was before. We were told he couldn't be released to the wild because he isn't indigenous to the area, plus he wasn't healthy enough. He has a tumor on his back leg and his horns are really messed up; you can't truly see the deformation from the picture, but the caretaker said they are uncomfortable. I asked if an operation might help and she said he was too old, and not in the best shape for an operation. She told, and demonstrated, how affectionate he was, and how he loved having his head scrubbed.  Just look at those eyes.

This is a small organization presently located off a pretty busy highway. They are working towards moving to a new property which will be much nicer for everyone. The animals will have more space and it will be out in the country where it will be quiet. They are always looking for volunteers and welcome donations. 

From the back it's really hard to tell Brielle apart from her friend!

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  1. Looks like you gals are having a great spring break. I really do miss being with you, but I'm so glad you've had fun adventures. Next year though--we won't miss it! xo