Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Udon with Vegetables, Edamame and Citrus Miso Sauce

After a long day in the real estate world,  I wasn't sure what to cook for dinner tonight. Today was in the 60's in Asheville, and when I got home the doors and windows were open. It felt really quiet and comfortable, and an idea dropped into my head. Udon noodles with sauteed vegetables, edamame and citrus miso sauce. It seemed like it would be quick and not so labor intensive. It was really refreshing and delicious, and it had no oil or added fat! The sauce was really tangy and just salty enough because of the miso. I mixed some of the sauce in the noodles once they were cooked and drizzled some on top after adding the vegetables. I topped with fresh Sunnies microgreens, my new favorite sprouts.

1 lb udon noodles cooked according to directions
Broccoli, Green Beans, Red Cabbage (previously pickled in refrigerator with apple cider vinegar for 1 day), Turnip, Red Onion
Steamed Shelled Edamame
Vegetable Broth
Chopped Garlic

Saute all vegetables with enough vegetable broth to cook until slightly tender. Add steamed edamame to the vegetables at the end.  For the sauce:

Chopped Ginger
Juice of 1 Orange
Juice of 1 Lemon
1 Tbs Chopped Red Onion or to taste
2 Tbs Mellow Miso
1/2 Fresh Jalapeno

Blend all ingredients in the Vitamix adding water as needed to thin. I didn't add much water because the citrus provided enough liquid.

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