Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas vacation smoothie

I have a smoothie very morning. What I put into it varies. Sometimes I use a protein powder, sometimes not. And, sometimes, I toss in flax seeds, or hemp seeds. I called this a vacation smoothie because I have taken a bit of a vacation from going to the store. When I realized I was out of almond milk I was pretty bummed and then I remembered how easy it was to make. It is kind of time consuming, and messy, to strain the almonds, so I hardly ever do it. But with a smoothie, I really didn't need to strain the almonds. I love that this is completely unprocessed, and I will definitely be making my breakfast using this method. If you wanted to make it sweeter, you could throw in a date, but in a smoothie, the other fruit makes it sweet enough for me.

Into a high speed blender:
1 1/4 c water
1/4 c raw almonds (I didn't soak them, but normally you would, and I'm using more than is necessary to make a simple milk)
1-2  TB flax or hemp (optional)
Process until it turns to milk, then add:
1 cup of frozen berries, any kind, preferably organic
1 small frozen banana
handful of kale, optional*
protein powder if you like (Vega One is about the best I've found.)
hit the smoothie button, and done!
*Of course you can use any greens but I don't use spinach because this is an opportunity to load up on calcium (1/4 cup of almonds have almost 100 grams of calcium, which is pretty high) and spinach contains something called oxalic acid, which binds with calcium and makes it harder for your body to absorb.

If you ever want to make almond milk, here is the recipe I used. One of my kids' teachers recommended using the date, and it really makes a difference.

1 cup of raw almonds, soaked in filtered water for at least 6 hours
about 4-6 cups of filtered water
1 majool date (if you don't have dates, you could use a dash of vanilla)
nut milk bag, or cheese cloth

Drain and rinse the soaked almonds and place in a high speed blender with two cups of water and the date. Blend until almonds are ground and you've created a milk.
Place the nut bag, or cheese cloth, into a pitcher or another container. If using cheese cloth, it should be folded over three times, so it's a bit stronger. A nut bag will come with elastic, but, if you're using cheese cloth, you can secure it to your container with rubber bands. Pour the milk slowly into the nut bag, and wring out rest of the milk from the almond meal. Add the remaining water until you get the desired consistency; you may not need it all, or you may need a bit more. You'll have to shake this before each use, and it will only last a couple of days. It is a bit of trouble but tastes so much better. It's definitely worth trying out at least once.


  1. Great idea to use almonds and water instead of almond milk in a smoothie. Look forward to trying it!

    1. Fresh almond milk is always better. This morning I made french toast for the girls and it worked really well. Turned out super rich and creamy.