Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vegan in Europe---Part 2

So----I wanted to post a bit more about our trip to Europe. We had such a great time in the Netherlands with our close friends, the Willems. We really had the insider experience since Ben is from that area. We did lots of biking from village to village, through the fields and farms. There's a bike path everywhere. We ate in various pubs and cafes along the way. Moeder de Gans was the most incredible one of all. It's just the most quaint, charming, picturesque place we've ever seen. There were beautiful chickens just roaming around the courtyard--the kind with multi-colors, long fluffy feathers and all kinds of plumes. The chickens are considered family there, but it's not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant by any means. It was quite a contradiction, but that was nothing new when it came to eating on this trip. The place was really special though. The silverware came in this beautiful paper sleeve that can be reused as a post card--I love that idea. I ordered the salad above--without the cheese. Because Ben speaks Dutch, it was much easier for me to customize my order--and they actually made it like that! The salad was good, but the spice mix was a bit sweeter than I like in my salad. I will definitely be trying a different version at home. This is one of our favorite memories for sure.

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