Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vegan in Europe---Part 1

My husband and I are back from Europe. We went to visit some friends in Maastricht, Netherlands for a week, and then flew to Italy for week. It was an interesting experience going as a vegan. Luckily our friends are great cooks and made some wonderful vegan meals, but Italy was a bit trickier. They are certainly all about their meats and cheese in Italy, so I knew going in it would be challenging. There's so many details from the trip that I would like to share, but in order to not get too bogged down, I am going to just make a quick post. The market in Florence was magical. The fruit, veggies and the MUSHROOMS were just amazing. Luckily I could buy plenty of fresh fruit to off-set the pasta and bread that is always served. I noticed that they do not take to one changing the menu or trying to order things made "without" certain things (i.e dairy, cheese), but there were plenty of dishes without meat. We did find a vegan restaurant called Dolce Vegan,, that was pretty good. We both had homemade gnocchi with pesto for primi, and for secondi I had tofu with olive oil (not my favorite---cold tofu with too much olive oil for me), and my husband had a seitan dish. It really wasn't the most flavorful food, but I was really excited to be in a vegan atmosphere. Of course the wine made all things better! So--that's it for now. More thoughts later-

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