Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lentil Walnut Loaf

This is just one of the best things I've had in a long time! I decided to do a test run with this Lentil Loaf in preparation for Thanksgiving. I was so pleasantly surprised! I remember making this years ago, and it was just not that great. Well--this recipe is fantastic! I used a recipe from Engine 12, Lynns Meatloaf, and here are a few changes I made.

In order to make it as moist as possible, I added a bit more ketchup and mustard. I also increased the amount of cooked lentils because they seemed to be moist and mushy---I thought they would hold it all together more. I also added a more crushed garlic right to the loaf before baking in addition to what was sauteed with the onion and celery. I would also say that I think chopped carrots would be a good addition. I did bake it for one hour--a bit longer than the recipe calls for, but I do live in the mountains, and sometimes baking is different. It sliced really well and held together. This will be a great hit at Thanksgiving!

I steamed some kale and made mashed potatoes and celeriac for a side with Mushroom and Miso Gravy. Here's the recipe for the gravy.

-Approximately 10 mushrooms (I used portabello and shitakes). More of less depending on what you like.
-1 shallot chopped
-2 Tbs flour
-2 Tbs Earth Balance
-1 Tbs dark miso
-1 cup or so of Mushroom or Veggie broth (I used Mushroom Broth and it just made it so much richer, I think)
-Salt and Pepper to taste

I sauteed the shallots and mushrooms in a tbs of the butter, then added the flour and the other tbs of butter to make a rue. I slowly added the mushroom broth and miso and whisked until gravy was the consistency we like (it was a bit thicker but not lumpy at all).

My husband absolutely loved it! I cannot wait to make it again when we have guests over.

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  1. That looks so great, can't wait to try it. I've been craving something like this for awhile.