Sunday, September 30, 2012

dustoberfest (or how to make german potato salad for 50)

Today was the 4th annual dustoberfest! This event takes place in the parking lot, starting in the afternoon, and going until the food runs out. This year was the best because in addition to the regular brats, we had a vegan brat, and vegan potato salad, sour kraut, and of course, pretzels with mustard.

I think I cooked close to 40 lbs of potatoes! It took awhile but I was rewarded when I heard someone comment that last year he couldn't have the potato salad because it had bacon in it!

I remember my mom making German potato salad and the trick is to dress the warmed potatoes with apple cider vinegar first, let that soak in, then add whatever else you're going to add. In this case, simply: olive oil, red onion, lots of parsley, salt and pepper. It's also better, according to Julia, to start the potatoes cut as you plan them to be cut and, in cold water. This insures that the potatoes will be cooked evenly. If you put them in hot water, the outside will cook faster than the inside. I must say I didn't do this with every batch because it took so long to bring such a big pot of water to boil.

C missed out, she was at Girl Scouts

pups always welcome

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