Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Visit with my Sister

My sister came to Asheville this week. We took C to camp last Sunday, and had the week to cook, play, hike, canoe, shop and hang out with each other and B. The first day we went to the Biltmore Art Festival. We both found a couple artists that we just love! One of the booths that caught our eye was and artist named Kelcey Loomer. Check out her work at
The next day we went for a hike at Graveyard Fields. It was an overcast day but beautiful. We picked blueberries and had a picnic lunch while sitting on long, soft grass under a tree. It started to rain, and I remember thinking I want to remember this moment. It was quiet, and we ate our lunch quickly so as not to get wet. We had made sandwiches of Kale Pesto, fresh heirloom tomatoes, sprouts, avocado, and fresh spelt bread. It was soooo delicious. We didn't care that we were eating in the rain. While we didn't make it to the upper falls, we went  to the lower falls where B played on the rocks and watched those that were brave enough to jump in the cold water. It's always a disappointment to see trash when out hiking, so I picked up a bunch of it, and we hiked out. I can't believe someone would leave a diaper next to these spectacular falls, but I won't get into that now.

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