Sunday, August 26, 2012

summer trip to St. Simons

To start off our summer, we took a little trip up to St. Simons.  On this visit we tried a new restaurant, called Osaka. It used to be a Kobe steakhouse and has only been open by these new owners for a couple of months. I am really excited to have another place to visit when we are there. I ordered tofu with vegetables and rice and B had spring rolls and sushi. C loves this kind of restaurant too, tempura shrimp, rice, and miso soup are her usual requests. When my dish arrived I noticed there were shrimp tossed in with the vegetables. I sent it back, politely, telling him I had just wanted tofu and he said, "oh, I thought vegetarians ate shrimp?" and I said, without sarcasm, "no, shrimp are animals". He said yes and I sensed he had never really thought about it before. In a few minutes, he brought me a new dish. He apologized many times and I told him it was ok.  I absolutely LOVE this kind of interaction. I love just putting the word, the idea, in the air. The meal at Osaka was really nice, the vegetables and tofu are grilled with a sweet soy glaze.

I had another encounter with a waitress at one of our favorite places, Palm Coast Coffee. When I ordered the vegan burger and asked about a couple of other things on the menu, she asked how I wanted the buger served, because usually it came on a bun. I think it's pretty common for people to confuse veganism with gluten free. Here too was another opportunity to put the word out there. I think if you are really nice in how you ask and the waiter isn't a jerk, a little root can maybe set out to grow- maybe with them or maybe with another customer who overhears. The burger was not good (it's frozen) but they have fantastic hummus, pretty good salads, a full bar and good beers plus the owners and waitstaff are just really nice. It's a great place to go and read.
One other place called Tramici we have tried many times and honestly I never liked it but it's very kid friendly, a nice atmosphere, especially when sitting outside. So we tried it again and I couldn't believe how incredible the pizza was! I brought along a little container of nutritional yeast and ordered off the menu, removing the cheese of course and adding a bunch of vegetables. I think it was the cheese that was always dragging this pie down because everything else about it was too good: perfectly thin crust, nice red sauce, plenty of al dente vegetables. We were so glad we tried it again.

Finding food on the road can be a challenge. I have found a place we all agree on!  Panera Bread.  C got a bagel with cream cheese. Not super healthy, but better than processed meat. B got a salad with fruit and nuts. She ate the fruit first and then put on the dressing. I ordered a Mediterranean sandwich without the feta (or onions) and had them add avocado so I had -tomato, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, and spicy red peppers on French, and I added my own hummus. They have hummus there too which is ok but not as good as what I had with me. (comes with chips, $6.26, delicious, and the price can't be beat!)

Chloe, Zowee and Sacha's favorite place

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