Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Eggs

I put off dying eggs for Easter because I knew I couldn't use battery cage eggs; couldn't rationalize it being  'a one time thing' as I have in the past. And I didn't want to buy eggs which are labeled as 'free range' since I know most really aren't. There are two farms around here (I'm sure there are others but these are verified - one I've visited. and another, a friend of mine has visited) that are truly free range, as in the chickens are running around outside everyday, dust bathing, perching in bushes and doing all the other things chickens like and should be doing. So I brought home some eggs from Stardust and the girls and I had fun and they turned out beautiful. And though it's not truly vegan, I feel ok knowing that chickens are having a good life. As you reminded me earlier Tammy, being vegan is about doing the best you can to not cause harm, not about trying to be perfect.  I think by next year I will have a fun alternative and we can change our tradition.

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