Sunday, March 4, 2012

Water Garden--

One of my most exciting times of year in Asheville is when my favorite nursery, Painters Greenhouse , opens. They are only open March-July, and there is something special about the first visit after the cold, sparse winter. My husband and I always make it an outing together--with our sweet pup, Mela. It is not a fancy place, but they have an incredible selection of plants, veggies, and unusual things. It's still a bit early in Asheville to start my flowers outside, but fun to get ideas and make a plan. This year we noticed a whole section of water gardens--large and small, so we decided to try a small one at home. What's fun is you can use any vessel you may have that's somewhat shallow--pottery, glass or just a large coffee cup. The plants we used are Azolla, a Feather plant, and the larger plant floating is Water Lettuce. We are going to keep in on the counter-top for now----I suspect Mela would use it for a water bowl if we put it on the ground.

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