Saturday, March 31, 2012

Raised Beds!

I am very excited! Our vegetables are growing! Mike built 3 raised beds on the side yard----a project that has been on "the list" for a very long time, and he did a great job. We had organic soil and compost delivered, and then ventured out to find the organic seeds that we wanted. We bought Sow True Seeds, local, hand packed seeds from Asheville. We planted arugula, mizuna, bibb lettuce, and 2 types of kale for now. We wanted to plant spinach, but they were out of those seeds, so that is next on the list. Once the chance of frost is gone, we will plant bell peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, sunflowers on the far edge, melon and some cutting flowers. The local Asheville farmer's market is going to start earlier this year-April 7th to be exact. That is also very exciting as it is probably my favorite thing to do on Saturday mornings. We have a plethora of farmers and organic produce, etc. I could also buy some transplants there if need be. But more about the market soon. For now, I am so excited to see the sprouts growing up in our garden. There will be lots of kale to go around!

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