Saturday, March 31, 2012

St. Simons

There aren't that many places I have found here that offer vegan choices for dining but there are a few. One place we always go to is Bubba Garcia's. They have really good margaritas (which we didn't have this trip) and it's very kid friendly. It's pretty inconsistent but good enough that I always go back. I  have to say Tammy disagrees with me and doesn't really find it ever good. I have had tofu tacos, to which I added guacamole, lettuce and tomato and they were really yummy. And they have beans and rice, which are pretty plain. This trip we went for lunch and Tammy and I had the tofu burrito, modified to not include cheese, and the bbq sauce on the side, and it was ok but not great. B had the black bean and potato burrito and she seemed to like it. C got a beef taco that she liked. It's still a fun place and I know we'll be back our next trip.                  

There's a little health market called Island Natural Market in the Retreat Village, between Bonefish and Winn Dixie that carries some essentials that the other grocery stores don't, like veganese. We went in the other day for some soy cheese and nutritional yeast and we got a juice of apple, beet and carrot from the cafe/juice bar.  The folks that work there are super nice too. I saw a woman buying vegan spring rolls but I am not sure what else they have and we didn't eat there. Except B got a larabar and loved it. I saw on Oh She Glows  a recipe to make them at home and am excited to give that a try.  

Mostly we cooked in which suited everyone. The girls could work on their projects and we could enjoy the porch and our martinis.

One day Tammy made a great pasta salad with lots of roasted vegetables including asparagus, onion, mushrooms. She tossed in edamame and spinach and dressed it with a nutritional yeast and balsamic/lemon dressing.    

Another day for lunch I made tuna like salad with chick peas, celery, carrot, green onion, veg mayo, touch of mustard, relish.  Piled it with tomatoes, sprouts, greens and avocado.  I've seen several recipes for this but basically you smash the chick peas, or pulse in a processor until they're all broken up, and mix in whatever you like.
Worth a visit is the ice cream place called Moo Cow. They have mostly homemade ice cream of unusual combinations, but usually a sorbet selection. On the day we went their offering was Lemon and it was really fresh and tart with bits of zest

We had a great time and agree the week went by so fast!

The one sad time of our trip was when a Kempis Ridley sea turtle washed up on shore. The woman from the turtle center who came to pick her up told us this turtle is endangered and was estimated to be about 20 years old.

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